Small group Workouts

1.5-hour workouts for 3-4 players designed to teach individual skill development combined with elements of live competition. example small group workouts include: Post Play, Forward Skills, Guard - Ball Handling, Scoring inside & out, etc.    

Cost: $20 per player  

shooting Workouts

form shooting workouts are 1-hour for up to 6 players. the Players go through a 6-stage routine that develops and reinforces proper shooting mechanics for their jump shot.  

Cost: $10 per player 

To inquire about individual and small group workouts send an email to

Individual Workouts

Private 1-hour workout tailored to the skill level and needs of the individual athlete.  From beginners to advanced players we focus on drills that challenge the individual to develop them physically and mentally. 

Cost: $30  

individual & Small group workouts

upcoming workouts

Youth Basketball

Sat (9/21) 11:30 Pm Form Shooting workout ( 6 of 6 spots avail. - $10 each)
SAt (9/21) 12:30 Pm Individual workout (
1 of 1 spots avail. - $30 )
Sat (9/21) 1:30 Pm Individual workout (
1 of 1 spots avail. - $30 )

​Individual workouts can be joint workouts with 2 players at $20 each